National Biomechanics Day - April 7, 2021

NBD is a worldwide celebration of Biomechanics,
the Breakthrough Science of the 21st Century!

NBD Celebrates the World of Biomechanics!

National Biomechanics Day is a world-wide celebration of Biomechanics in its many forms for high school students and teachers.

Check out this cool NBD 2018 video from the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab in Chicago. Click the buttons below if you would like some more information about NBD and how to get involved!

Welcome to NBD!! Our Philosophy and MissionNBD 2021

National Biomechanics Day goes INTERnational!

In 2017, the NBD craze caught on internationally with many other countries hosting their own NBD events celebrating biomechanics! Here are just a few examples. Check them out! For even more international events, check out our NBD Archives page!

The Brazilian Biomechanics Experience / Experiência Biomecânica Brasileira

The Biomechanics Experience is a pilot project launched by The Biomechanics Initiative, Inc (the governing body for National Biomechanics Day, Website) to encourage the long-term engagement of young students with biomechanics. We want to promote an experience that starts with the early engagement of these youngsters with biomechanics during school and will continue until they attend their first Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics.

A Experiência Biomecânica Brasileira é um projeto piloto lançado pela The Biomechanics Initiative, Inc. (associação que organiza o National Biomechanics Day, Website) para promover um engajamento de longo prazo de jovens estudantes com a biomecânica. Nós queremos promover uma experiência que começa com o envolvimento precoce desses jovens cientistas com a biomecânica durante o ensino médio e que vai continuar até que eles participem do seu primeiro Congresso Brasileiro de Biomecânica.

The Biomechanics Experience will happen on March 15th 2021, 06:30 PM (BRT), and will be live streamed by the internet.
A Experiência Biomecânica Brasileira acontecerá em 15 de Março de 2021, às 18:30h (BRT), e será transmitido ao vivo pela internet. Program / Programa
06:30 PM: Openning lecture: Science and Society / Palestra de abertura: Ciência e Sociedade
07:00 PM: Keynote: Biomechanics in our life / A Biomecânica em nossas vidas
07:30 PM: Biomechanics in High School: students’ participation / Biomecânica no Ensino Médio: participação dos estudantes
Speakers will be announce soon. Talks will be in Portuguese / Os palestrantes serão confirmados logo. As palestras serão em Português.

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Biomechanics in Action

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Want to know more about Biomechanics?

Students, are you interested in finding out the different types of careers that a biomechanics background will prepare you for? 

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