National Biomechanics Day - April 3, 2024

NBD is a worldwide celebration of Biomechanics, the Breakthrough Science of the 21st Century!

NBD Celebrates the World of Biomechanics!

National Biomechanics Day is a world-wide celebration of Biomechanics in its many forms for high school students and teachers.

Becca Walker at Liverpool John Moores University was a recipient of an NBD 2023 Women in Biomechanics grant. She organized a fabulous NBD celebration as seen in this video. Click the buttons below if you would like some more information about NBD and how to get involved!

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National Biomechanics Day goes INTERnational!

In 2017, the NBD craze caught on internationally with many other countries hosting their own NBD events celebrating biomechanics! Here are just a few examples. Check them out! For even more international events, check out our NBD Archives page!
We welcome Biomechanics groups from all countries to National Biomechanics Day!

Want to know more about Biomechanics?

Students, are you interested in finding out the different types of careers that a biomechanics background will prepare you for? 

Educators, need some ideas for or examples of classroom and NBD activities that explore biomechanical concepts? 

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