NBD 2022 Sponsors’ Technology Forum

NBD 2022 Sponsors' Technology Forum co-hosted by The Biomechanist

Hello Biomechanics Students, Faculty & Practitioners,


The Second NBD Sponsors’ Technology Forum was held on March 9 with presentations from eight instrumentation manufacturers. They showed their latest technology instruments and software so that biomechanists can better plan their labs, science, and applications. Please see these presentations here

Click each company to view its website.



5:00 NBD Introduction to the Forum

5:05 VICON / IMU  

5:15 Delsys

5:25 Qualisys

5:35 Novel

5:45 Short break with The Biomechanist

5:50 AMTI

6:00 Motek

6:10 DTS

6:20 XSENS

The Biomechanist co-hosted the event and also provided information about networking in biomechanics.