Disability Biomechanics Outreach Through National Biomechanics Day Grant Program

The Biomechanics Initiative, Inc, the official sponsor of National Biomechanics Day and the American Society of Biomechanics will empower individuals at universities to create their own NBD event centered on disability Biomechanics. Our mission is to increase awareness of the contributions Biomechanics science makes to enhancing the lives of disabled people worldwide.


Competitive application process: The application will be limited to four pages including:


  1. Application title and identify this particular grant program. Succinct is preferred.



  2. Applicant’s name, affiliation, position (M.S. or Ph.D. student or equivalent), email address and mentor’s name, position and email address.



  3. Personal statement: why are you interested in hosting an NBD event aimed at disability biomechanics?



  4. University people involved: list participating institution faculty and students (please add your collaborators’ names; these can be changed later).



  5. Target population: school or community group of high school students (minimum 25 students/participants). We target primarily high school students but you can work with younger students.

Note: Your target population can be any combination of non-disabled and disabled individuals. This grant program will focus on disability biomechanics through the science shown in the NBD event and does not require that visitors be disabled.

  1. Description of NBD event: briefly describe your planned activities and how they are focused on disability biomechanics. Your event can be live, virtual or a hybrid combination. 

Recruitment plan: how will you attract/inform your target group? We strongly request active recruitment over general announcements. Please contact local high schools or community groups, for example, and invite them to participate. This will enhance your capacity to recruit the minimum group size.

  1. Budget: list items and individual costs and the total budget.



  2. Additional information pertinent to your situation.

Eligibility requirements: Graduate student enrolled in M.S. or Ph.D. or equivalent programs in Biomechanics or a related field at any university worldwide and working in the area of disability biomechanics. Willingness to:

  • Hold an NBD 2024 event on disability biomechanics ensuring at least 25 visiting participants.
  • Register for NBD 2024 on the NBD website, here. Please register all lab faculty and students participating in the event (not needed to register the high school students).
  • Submit a succinct final report about the event to The Biomechanics Initiative, Inc. (instructions provided at a later date).
  • Submit a university or institution receipt to The Biomechanics Initiative, Inc. (instructions provided at a later date).  

  • Record the NBD event with photos and video (if possible) and share these with NBD and on social media.


More than one application can be submitted from a single institution but only one application per institution will be funded. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of The Biomechanics Initiative, Inc Board of Directors.


Please submit the application in one pdf file to: NBD.National.Biomechanics.Day@gmail.com  You may also submit preliminary questions to this address.


Up to five awards will be distributed, each with: 

  1. $1,000 to support NBD event expenses (e.g. producing promotional materials, lab supplies for instruments, school/community group travel costs, food, other), and travel costs to ASB 2024. If you opt for using part of the budget for conference travel, it is expected that these funds will not exceed approximately half the total grant amount. $60 will be removed from the grant awards requiring a wire transfer. Funds cannot be used for stipends.

  2. ASB will provide one complimentary student registration for ASB 2024 to the P.I. on the application.

  3. Award funds will be sent to the appropriate university or institutional office. 

  4. Recognition through social media, professional societies and TBI Inc/NBD and ASB websites. 



  1. Applications open Nov 15, 2023.
  2. Application deadline Jan 26, 2024.
  3. Award Decision: Feb 16, 2024.
  4. There are no F & A or Indirect funds associated with this grant.
  5. NBD will provide guidance and assistance on how to develop and host an NBD event. (See NBD Guidelines document through this link).
  6. Please view photos and videos from hundreds of past NBD events in our Archives if you need to get a better understanding of an NBD event here.