NBD 2021 Event Registration…Let’s Celebrate Together!

Hello To All Our Friends Hosting an NBD 2021 Event...

The Biomechanics Initiative‘s mission is to advance Biomechanics science and education by increasing the awareness and appreciation of Biomechanics among high school communities around the world.

We are happy for those who can do live, in person events, but we know many will contribute through Virtual Biomechanics Celebrations (Our Previous Announcement)! Through virtual events, we envision formerly separate NBDs becoming collaborations among several labs and institutions. Please consider joining colleagues in your country, or around the world, to broaden the NBD experience for your high school guests.

The Biomechanics Initiative is the proud host of NBD 2021, a shared, worldwide celebration of Biomechanics. To facilitate collaborations and bring the Biomechanics community together in a meaningful way, we have created an NBD 2021 Participating Laboratories page to highlight all of the events (virtual and in person) hosted by your labs. We now politely ask that all parties hosting an NBD event do two things to help ensure a memorable 2021.

  • First, if you have not done so, please have all of those individuals involved in hosting/facilitating your NBD event sign up for NBD 2021 by clicking here; such individuals include lab directors, professors, research associates, graduate and undergraduate students, etc.
  • Second, please have one individual from your lab group register your NBD 2021 event by clicking here (see additional event registration info below).

NBD 2021 Event Registration Information:

As depicted in the example below, registering your event will add your logo to our NBD 2021 Participating Laboratories landing page* enabling connections among any and all NBD groups. See the NBDs created by others for ideas and possibly consider joining them. Imagine celebrating with other labs and high schoolers from distant lands!

Please direct questions to nbd.national.biomechanics.day@gmail.com.

*Please allow a day or two for your event info to be added to our site.