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Biomechanics to explore, online!

The Biomechanics Initiative‘s primary mission is to advance Biomechanics science and education by increasing the awareness and appreciation of Biomechanics among the high school community around the world. As such, this virtual content collection has been developed with the intended purpose of being a Biomechanics-related resource center for students and educators alike. Such resources include – but are not limited to – examples of classroom and laboratory-based activities that explore Biomechanical concepts, educational videos from previous NBD activities and elsewhere, S.T.E.M. focused lesson plans and learning activities, virtual lab tours and demonstrations, other Biomechanics-related websites, and information about different career paths.  

Virtual Outreach Videos

Biomechanics in the Wild

Biomechanics in the Wild is a student-written blog about fascinating topics across the breadth of biomechanics! We have over 150 text, audio, and video posts on topics ranging from aerodynamics and bio-inspired design to tissue engineering and walking.

Vanderbilt School of Engineering

Dr. Karl Zelik’s lab group in the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology at Vanderbilt University have created a series of videos, with accompanying discussion questions, on biomechanics topics. These videos are intended for both educators (K-12) and students excited to learn more about Biomechanics. Current topics include injury prevention, assistive technology, skeletal muscle contraction, and robotics.


Running, Jumping, & Hitting: The Science of Sports

Want to jump higher, turn faster and hit harder? Biomedical engineer Jill McNitt-Gray studies the biomechanics of sports, using physics to investigate movements in the human body. By studying force, energy and velocity, she helps athletes improve their performance and play better in the big game.

Appropriate for both students and educators!

The Sport Biomechanics Online Lecture Series

The Sports Biomechanics Lecture Series, sponsored by Vicon and organized by Dr. Stuart McErlain-Naylor on behalf of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports, contains 25+ online lectures covering a wide variety of topics in Biomechanics. Check it out. 

STEM-Focused Lesson Plans & Activities

Northeastern University - Center for STEM Education

The Center for STEM Education at Northeastern University has developed a great hands-on learning activity focused on hand dynamometry and grip strength. This activity introduces students to the general anatomy of the body, bones and muscles of the hand and arm, and biomechanics/bioengineering studies that explain how prosthetics work.  The lesson is designed to be approximately 90 minutes and includes both a lesson plan and a student handout. 

TECHNOVATION Families - Making a Mechanical Leg

TECHNOVATION Families has developed a hands-on learning activity during which students learn biomechanics through constructing a model of the human leg, including hip and knee joints. This activity was designed for students 4th grade and older. An inspirational video, suggested materials, and downloadable resources are available by clicking below. 

Careers In Biomechanics

Biomechanical Engineer: Curious About Careers (PBS)

Hey Students! 

Curious about a career in Biomechanics? 

Check out this video from Dr. Tamara Reid Bush at Michigan State University. 


Virtual Lab Tours

Additional Biomechanics Resources

The Biomechanist (

The Biomechanist is a website developed by a group of biomechanists at the German Sport University Cologne (Germany).  This site contains various resources for students and educators, including a biomechanics blog and new publication updates, lessons on the fundamentals of biomechanics (i.e. Mathematics, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology), and current methods in biomechanics (e.g. motion analysis, force measurement, electromyography, etc.). There is also growing Motion Library intended to help students better understand the basic principles of musculoskeletal modeling and help educators graphically support their lectures.  The Sports Biomechanics Lecture Series (organized by Dr. Stuart McErlain-Naylor on behalf of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports) is also housed on this site. 

BOOM: Biomechanics On Our Minds (Podcast)

Your favorite biomechanics podcast! Melissa Boswell and Hannah O’Day, Ph.D. students at Stanford University, talk to researchers around the world about the exciting field of biomechanics. They also cover overcoming failures, collaborations, open science, leadership, and more. Follow Biomechanics On Our Minds on Twitter (@BiomechanicsOOM)!

Biomechanics-Related Websites