Virtual National Biomechanics Day

Biomechanists around the world are showcasing their expertise, labs and technology to students with virtual NBDs. These online events allow high school students from around the world to safely discover the many exciting facets of Biomechanics science and careers from universities near and far. Through fully or hybrid virtual events, students can join biomechanists around their nation or across national borders to create even more memorable experiences.


Hybrid events have biomechanists in the
lab streaming activities to high school participants

Browse the virtual NBDs from global universities and Biomechanics institutes and participate in NBD, wherever, whenever!

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Virtual NBDs

Browse the virtual NBDs from global universities and participate in NBD, wherever, whenever!




University of Guelph

Event Organizers: Dr Geoff Power

About: In our video we showcase the type of work we do in our lab. A unique approach we take is investigating muscle function across multiple scales from the whole human joint level down to the single fibre cellular level.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the type of work we do, please email Dr. Geoff Power (

Universidade de São Paulo

Event Organizers: Dr Luis Mochizuki

About: Visit their YouTube channel to view short profiles about prominent women in biomechanics. 

Brooks Rehabilitation

Event Organizers: Brittany Censon, Arian Vistamehr, Christy Conroy, Clayton Wauneka, Janki Patel, Ariana Rivero and Emily Fox

About: The Brooks Motion Analysis Center: Biomechanics to benefit patients and serve the community. We apply state of the art biomechanics assessment to advance rehabilitation. We will celebrate NBD via zoom with local high school students and share how we apply biomechanics to improve rehabilitation outcomes.

University of British Columbia

Event Organizers: Dr Calvin Kuo

About: From dance and Olympic sports to video games and medical technology, biomechanics is involved in many of the artistic, athletic, and scientific advancements of today.

 UBC hosted a National Biomechanics Day virtually on Saturday, April 9, 2022, from 10AM to 4 PM to showcase the biomechanics technologies and applications we work on here in Vancouver. They invited high school students to interact with biomechanics research, connect with industry professionals, and gain insights from current university students.

UNAM - Biomechanics Laboratory

Event Organizers: Adrian Elias

About: Paralympic and olympic sport biomechanics is important to improve human motion and prevent injuries. Have a look at videos on UNAM Biomechanics Facebook page. 

University of Delaware

Event Organizer: Dr Eliza Arch

About: On our virtual Biomechanics website, visitors will find descriptions and videos from a variety of biomechanics labs at the University of Delaware, a Virtual Experience where you can explore the various biomechanics labs within the Science Technology and Advanced Research Campus at the University, and a full biomechanics lesson plan designed for high school students.

São Paulo State University

Event Organizer: Aline Ciola

About: Annually MOVI-LAB holds the event “Casa Aberta = Open House”. It is an event that takes place on the National Day of Biomechanics, and the laboratory opens its doors to undergraduate and undergraduate students who are interested in research, or who are just curious to know the day-to-day of a laboratory and how they happen. data collections.
In 2022, the event will take place in “ONLINE” format that you can watch on MOVI-LAB’s YouTube channel. 

Here are some of the topics that will be covered:
▪️ Introduction to biomechanics and its applications in everyday life and science.

▪️ Operation of the Human Movement Research Laboratory (MOVI-LAB) at Unesp / Bauru.

▪️ Equipment used and LIVE use demonstration.

▪️ Experience report of a high school student who is a scholarship holder and develops research at MOVI-LAB.

Virginia Tech Helmet Lab

Event Organizer: Dr Barry Miller

About: Watch videos about the impact of sports helmet research from the Virginia Tech Helmet lab. 

University of Virginia

Event Organizer: Xavier Thompson

About: The overall goal for the event is to introduce the principles of biomechanics to students and introduce them to the use of wearable technology, and more accessible options such as their own devices to capture biomechanical data. 

You can watch videos, the Q&A and demonstrations of different biomechanics technologies and mini experiments. 

UNAM - Institute of Neurobiology

Event Organizer: Daniel Perez Arreguin

About: The sport sciences for paralympic and olympic sport injuries can be prevented and corrected with a major understanding of the human motion. The motion capture reports are difficult to understand, each time, more pedagogic techniques are necessary to improve the feedback for clinicians patients and sports coaches. 

Therefore, the use of immersive virtual reality devices can improve the understanding and visualization of the human motion to improve the technique to avoid musculoskeletal injuries.

 Furthermore, the use of magnetic resonance to visualice the brain actitivy is fundamental to understand the function of the nervous system. The biomechanics can have a higher accuracy , when it is complemented with medical images for science and clinical purposes. 

The NBD will be useful to explain to students the application of biomechanics of daily life activities. Our goal is to motivate students to work in multidisciplinary work between engineering, physics and medical sciences.

Carnegie Mellon University

Event Organizer: Lauren Parola

About: The virtual NBD which took place March 25th included 3 unique activities including 3D Printing Legs, Designing DNA Structures, and Climate Change and Biomechanics. Feel free to watch and learn from our great activities!

Take a look at presentations, activities, and interactive content from universities around the world as they celebrated NBD virtually in 2021. 

Auburn University (Auburn, AL)

Event Organizers: Eric Finley

Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

Event Organizers: Nataliya Rokhmanova, Kathleen Gladson, & Ashlee Liao

Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Lab Website

B.O.R.G. Laboratory Website

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Event Organizer: Mickaelly Bezerra

Universidade Federal do Pampa (Uruguaiana, RS, Brazil)

Event Organizer: Prof. Dr. Felipe Carpes

Laboratory Website

University of Virginia
(Charlottesville, VA)

Host: UVA Student Chapter of the American Society of Biomechanics

School of Engineering

Event Organizer: Ridhi Sahani

Multiscale Muscle Mechanophysiology (“M3”) Lab

Motion Analysis and Motor Performance Lab

Center For Applied Biomechanics